Friday, February 16, 2018


Chateaux Giscours
10 Route de Giscours


600 years of history and commitment
Giscours has a long, rich history, which can be traced back to the fourteenth century. At that time it was a defensive tower overlooking a wild and inhospitable region. The real beginning came in 1552, when Pierre de Lhomme, a wealthy Bordeaux draper, bought a nobleman’s house called “Guyscoutz”; he proceeded to turn it into a vast estate and planted the first vines. Wine production was launched and each of the rich merchant’s successors made their own contribution to this magnificent building. It was in the nineteenth century under the promise, Pescatore and Cruse families that Giscours gained much of its finery: the château was transformed into neoclassical palace, architect Eugene Bülher and the production facilities were modernized with the construction of huge buildings, including the famous «Ferme Suzanne”.


20:00             Transfer by private bus from the hotel Pullman to the Chateaux Giscours
20:30             Arrival and visit of the cellar
21:00             Wine Tasting & Appetizers at La Ferme Suzanne
21:30              Seated dinner at La Ferme Suzanne with different wine tasting of the Property
23:30             Transfer back to Hotel Pullman

Total cost     Euro 105,00 vat included


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