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09.00 Meeting Opening
09.00-12.30 3rd session - HDL functions, Part 2
G. Franceschini (Milan, Italy)
P. Kovanen (Helsinki, Finland)
09.00-09.30 Alteration of vascular effects in coronary disease
U. Landmesser (Zürich, Switzerland)
09.30-10.00 Mechanisms of the anti-inflammatory properties of HDL
K.A. Rye (Sydney, Australia)
10.00-10.15 HDL cholesterol efflux capacity and endothelial function in hyperalphalipoproteinemic subjects
F. Zimetti1, E. Satta2, F. Bernini1, N. Ronda1, A. Vanini2,
G.B. Vigna2, E. Favari1
1(Parma, Italy), 2(Ferrara, Italy)
10.15-10.30 Effects of niacin extended-release and fenofibrate on endothelial function
E. de Groot1, D. Baldassarre2, K. Coutant3, E.J. Niesor3,
F. Lamour3, R. Benghozi3
1(Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2(Milan, Italy),
3(Basel, Switzerland)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-11.30 Antioxidative properties of HDL: major controversies and open questions
A. Kontush (Paris, France)
11.30-12.00 HDL structure/function relationship: insights from genetic HDL disorders
L. Calabresi (Milan, Italy)
12.00-12.15 Extended-release niacin and fenofibrate improve HDL ability to preserve endothelial cell homeostasis: results from the HiFun study
M. Gomaraschi1, S. Pozzi1, K. Coutant2, S. Rossomanno2,
F. Lamour2, R. Benghozi2, G. Franceschini1, L. Calabresi1
1(Milan, Italy), 2(Basel, Switzerland)
12.15-12.30 Glycation of HDL by methylgyoxal induces structural remodelling and increased catabolism – A possible cause of decreased level and impaired function of HDL in vivo
N. Rabbani, L. Godfrey, N. Yamada-Fowler, P. Thornalley (Coventry, United Kingdom)
12.30-13.30 Buffet lunch
13.30-14.30 Poster session

Low HDL cholesterol is an independent predictor of chronic kidney disease progression
A. Baragetti1,2, C. Sarcina1, F. Rastelli1, L. Grigore1,
K. Garlaschelli1, P. Uboldi2, C. Pozzi1, I. Baragetti1,
G.D. Norata1,2,3, A.L. Catapano1,2
1(Cinisello Balsamo, Italy), 2(Milan, Italy),
3(London, United Kingdom)

HDL and ABCA1 friends in modulating the cholesterol-induced transdifferentiation of smooth muscle cells to macrophage-like cells
A. Bonomo, I. Giunzioni, M. Canavesi, L. Arnaboldi,
M.A. Pellegrino, A. Corsini, S. Bellosta
(Milan, Italy)

Biophysical properties of apoE variants associated with the correction of dyslipidemia and formation of HDL particles
D. Georgiadou1, A. Chroni1, K. Drosatos2, K.E. Kypreos2,
V.I. Zannis2, E. Stratikos1
1(Agia Paraskevi – Athens, Greece), 2(Boston, USA)

Vasculoprotective function of HDL from CETP-deficient subjects
A. Ossoli1, P. Nilsson2, W. Jessup3, J.A. Kuivenhoven4,
A.B. Cefalù5, M.R. Averna5, C.R. Sirtori1,
G. Franceschini1, L. Calabresi1, M. Gomaraschi1
1(Milan, Italy), 2(Malmo, Sweden), 3(Sydney, Australia),
4(Groningen, The Netherlands), 5(Palermo, Italy)

Endothelial colony forming unit number is reduced in familial combined hyperlipidemia patients with low HDL cholesterol levels
F. Pellegatta1, L. Grigore2, S. Tramontana2, K. Garlaschelli2,
A. Baragetti2, A.L. Catapano1,2
1(Milan, Italy), 2(Cinisello Balsamo, Italy)

Differential impairment of serum cholesterol efflux capacity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus
N. Ronda1, E. Favari1, M.O. Borghi2, F. Zimetti1,
M.P. Adorni1, F. Ingegnoli2, C.Grossi2, F. Bernini1,
P.L. Meroni1,2
1(Parma, Italy), 2(Milan, Italy)

Correlation between HDL plasma levels and circulating monocyte subsets in humans and in animal models
F. Sala, S. Fiorelli, G. Chiesa, A.L. Catapano, G.D. Norata
(Milan, Italy)

Fatty acid composition of plasma lipids in LCAT deficient patients supports the formation of ACAT2-derived cholesteryl esters in humans
S. Simonelli1, P. Risè1, C. Vitali1, C. Galli1, L.L. Rudel2,
G. Franceschini1, L. Calabresi1
1(Milan, Italy), 2(Winston-Salem, USA)

Distribution of high-density lipoprotein subclasses in patients with sarcoidosis: relationship with disease course and markers of activity
J. Vekic, A. Zeljkovic, Z. Jelic-Ivanovic,
V. Spasojevic-Kalimanovska, S. Spasic,
J. Videnovic-Ivanov, J. Ivanisevic, V. Vucinic-Mihailovic, T.Gojkovic
(Belgrade, Serbia)

Changes in size and distribution of high-density lipoprotein subclasses in normal pregnancy and associations with newborn size
A. Zeljkovic, J. Vekic, V. Spasojevic-Kalimanovska, S. Spasic, Z. Jelic-Ivanovic, T. Gojkovic, D. Ardalic, V. Mandic-Markovic, N. Cerovic, Z. Mikovic
(Belgrade, Serbia)

14.30-16.15 4th session - HDL targeted therapies

A. Catapano (Milan, Italy)
P. Barter (Sydney, Australia)
14.30-15.00 Novel therapeutic strategies to raise HDL C levels in the circulation
J.J.P. Kastelein (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
15.00-15.30 Recombinant LCAT:  new potential therapy for cardiovascular disease and familial LCAT deficiency
A. Remaley (Bethesda, USA)
15.30-15.45 RVX-208, an inducer of apoA-I production, is currently being examined in two phase 2b human clinical trials: SUSTAIN and ASSURE
N.C. Wong1, A. Gordon1, S. Nicholls2, J. Johansson1,
S.E. Nissen2, P.R. Young1, E. Johnson1, E. Campeau1,
S. Attwell1, L. Tsujikawa1, S. Wasiak1, D. Gilham1,
K. McLure1, H. Hansen1, G.S. Wagner1
1(Calgary, Canada), 2(Cleveland, USA)
15.45-16.00 Activation of intestinal peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha increases HDL production
S. Colin, O. Briand, V. Touche, K. Wouters, M. Baron,
F. Pattou, A. Tailleux, G. Chinetti, B. Staels, S. Lestavel
(Lille, France)
16.00-16.15 Native and reconstituted HDL protect against ischemia reperfusion injury:  a role of the SAFE pathway
M. Frias1, S. Somers2, L. Lacerda2, L. Opie2, R. James1,
S. Lecour2
1(Geneva, Switzerland), 2(Cape Town, South Africa)
16.15 Concluding remarks