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13.00 Registration
14.30 Meeting Opening
14.30-16.00 1st session - HDL genetics
S. Calandra (Modena, Italy)
D. Kardassis (Heraklion, Greece)
14.30-15.00 Next generation sequening shows that HDL genetics is even more complex than anticipated; what is next?
J.A. Kuivenhoven (Groningen, The Netherlands)
15.00-15.30 Using Mendelian randomization to predict causality
A. Tybjaerg-Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
15.30-15.45 Mechanisms of ABCA1 gene regulation in the liver
D. Kardassis (Heraklion, Greece)
15.45-16.00 Excess of rare non-synonymous gene variants in subjects with extreme levels of HDL-C: analysis of 197 lipid-associated genes
M. Motazacker1, J. Peter1, M. Treskes2, J.A. Kuivenhoven3, G.K. Hovingh1
1(Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
2(Hilversum, The Netherlands),
3(Groningen, The Netherlands)
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-18.15 2nd session - HDL functions, Part 1
C. Sirtori (Milan, Italy)
A. Remaley (Bethesda, USA)
16.30-17.00 HDL, cholesterol efflux capacity and cardiovascular risk
F. Bernini (Parma, Italy)
17.00-17.30 Endothelial interctions of HDL
A. von Eckardstein (Zürich, Switzerland)
17.30-17.45 Cholesterol efflux and cholesterol loading capacity of sera from patients before and after LDL-apheresis
E. Favari1, M.P. Adorni1 , F. Sbrana2, M. Puntoni2, F. Bigazzi2, F. Zimetti1, F. Bernini1, T. Sampietro2
1(Parma, Italy), 2(Pisa, Italy)
17.45-18.00 Effects of inflammatory cytokines on HDL and apoA-I transport through endothelial cells
J. Robert, L. Rohrer, A. von Eckardstein
(Zürich, Switzerland)
18.00-18.15 Cyclosporine A impairs the reverse cholesterol transport from macrophages in vivo by reducing sterol fecal excretion
I. Zanotti1, D. Greco1, G. Lusardi1, F. Potì2, F. Bernini1
1(Parma, Italy), 2(Modena, Italy)